Imran Ahmad Khan

Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan

Name: Mr Imran Ahmad Khan

Born: 6 September 1973

Party: Conservative

Constituency: Wakefield.


Mr Khan was born and raised among his constituents in Yorkshire. Both of his parents worked for the NHS. His father as a doctor, and his mother as a nurse. Dr Saeed Ahmad Khan, was born in the North-West Frontier Province of British India  which is the modern-day Pakistan. His mother was English.

Imran started his higher education at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow before continuing furthering his studies at King’s College London. He studied Russian language and war studies at the two institutions respectively.

The MP was suspended in 2021 after being charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy, contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. These are charges that he vehemently denies, pending trial. [Source]

Mr Khan made history by overturning an 89 year Labour party run in Wakefield when he took on Labour MP, Mary Creagh. He has been a vocal supporter of Brexit, citing that he recognised that British democracy was threatened.


Last Election Results:

Mr Khan won 21,283 votes out of a possible 44,996. This represents a 47.3% majority in his constituency. There was a voter turnout of 64.1%.

Voting History Snapshot

Voted Aye to the Nationality and Borders Bill: Second Reading.

Voted Nay to the Armed Forces Bill: Report Stage: Amendment 2.

Voted Aye to the Treasury update on international aid.

Voted Nay to the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill: Reasoned Amendment to Second Reading.

Voted Nay to the Motion to revoke: Immigration (Guidance on Detention of Vulnerable Persons) Regulations 2021 (SI 2021 No. 184)

Contact Details


Tel: 0207 219 3000

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